Review of 2017 - Part 5 - A Canadian Adventure

Into October and we reach the highlight of the year, 2 weeks in Canada which included: A stay in Vancouver, an overnight sleeper train through The Rockies, hikes in Jasper and Banff National parks, an overnight stay on a glacier and a road trip from Jasper back to Vancouver, not bad eh?.

Loved Vancouver and three days were really not enough, then again two weeks weren't enough but alas you have to get what you can and feel lucky for doing so! More details can be found here

From Vancouver to Jasper via an overnight sleeper train, which was a wonderful experience, although I did leave behind my headphones on the train, hopefully they have been put to good use! Got into Jasper quite late but made sure to be up early the next couple of days to make the most of a quite beautiful area, more details here

Once again the stay was way too short but as we were now going to be traveling to Banff via the Icefields Parkway with an overnight stay on a glacier, it wasn't all bad. Icefields parkway is an astonishing road to drive on and a must do if ever you are visiting the area. Essentially you are driving through a mountain range which consists of lakes, waterfalls and glaciers. Not something you do every day, unless you are very lucky indeed. 

Standing on the Columbia Icefield is something I can't recommend enough, just dress warm although was a nice mild -6 with 40mph winds when we visited. A detailed write of our adventures can be found here

Well so far have many many a kilometer and perhaps feeling like we are not going to see anything more beautiful than already seen, we were wrong. Banff is an incredible town and national park and three days could have been thirty days and it wouldn't have been enough. Lakes aplenty and views that you could quite happily just sit and stare at all day. If you ever visit you are sure to visit Lake Louise, when you do and if you can, make sure to hike up the mountain to Lake Agnes, the end of the hike if breathtaking, literally and metaphorically.

After Banff we still had a two day Journey across country to Whistler, taking in Revelstoke and Kamloops along the way, still working though these photos but we did stumble across Joffries lake not far from Whistler which was a complete surprise. Whistler was everything we expected with an added bonus of the first snowfall of the season! Once again still going through my photos but managed to get some macro shots before the snow melted. 

After Whistler was one last drive, down to Vancouver, weather wasn't the best unfortunately but if ever on the road I would highly recommend stopping on Porto Santos which is a natural fjord and very beautiful