Review of 2017 - Part 1 - Birmingham to Wales and Back Again

Is always interesting to look back at the photos you have taken over the previous months and realise that the amount of time you actually spent shooting, editing, sorting, sharing and fussing over photos seems to more time than actually existed. Photographers seem to live in some kind of space/time continuum that doesn't follow normal laws of the universe.

Anyhow, I thought for my first ever blog post, looking back at 2017 would be interesting (I hoped) so for the first installment we have Jan - Mar and to begin, the month of January.

The month started out with a trip out to Broadway Tower which turned out to have some stunning sunset light but other than one macro shot of some frosty grass this was a very quiet month which isn't that unusual, looking back on previous years it would appear that I pretty much hibernate in January but really I do need to get back to Broadway tower, I forgot how beautiful an area it is!

Into February and shots of Birmingham dominated, from the wilds of Sutton Park (including the free roaming ponies) to the grim inner city canals which are quite frankly, beautiful in their own way. Certain people not from Birmingham do kind of look down on the city and see it how it was back in the day, IE a concrete mess with a road system that I think even baffled the planners but a lot of changed and continue to do so, something I hope to cover in future posts.

Onto March and we begin what was a very long list of travel destinations (although one destination we ended up going to three times) so we begin the travelling with a trip to Snowdonia and a climb halfway up the mountain, why only halfway? Well you can read all about that here but for anyone who has visited or even if you have just seen picture, Snowdonia National Park is as beautiful an area as anywhere you can imagine, OK maybe when it is freezing cold and raining horizontally (seemingly most of the time) it may not seem so but not many places make you just stop, admire and go "Wow" as often. More Welsh photos to come in later entries...........

And as a bonus, on the way home, snow!!

To end the month it was back to Birmingham for some night shots and also an Instameet in an area of Birmingham known as The Jewellery Quarter which, if I had been doing this back then, I would have written a blog post about but for now, the pictures will have to do the talking (there was also a trip to Germany, but as that crossed over with April, we shall leave that until then :o)