Review of 2017 - Part 3 - Summer Poppies and once more in Wales

Ahhh the long hot summer days of the UK, they really don't exist and for many photographers these are quiet months but when you hear about a field of poppies, a field where can actually walk in, a field that is within a 30 min drive, well you do everything you can to get there. Of course you can't just turn up, you need to time it so the light will be right and with less people around and you want the field to be in full bloom ect ect, I think I did OK but I only have one good evening to get what I wanted so I will be returning in summer!

There really was nothing else in June, nice evenings were far and few between and weekends even more so. July saw a trip to Luxembourg where I got no photos whatsoever (had a good time though) and apart from one sunset, one afternoon spent in Birmingham and a walk in a barley field, there was nothing much to write home about

August consisted of photos of two area, well should have been three but oddly one area didn't actually give me anything, oddly as it was in The Peak District and was a lovely day but, just one of those days when no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to get a shot for love nor money. Sometimes it is best just to enjoy the moment and not worry about photos, The Peak district isn't going anywhere so I will return! Anyway, more Birmingham shots (this year seems to have been mostly taking photos in Birmingham whilst out drinking, I can live with that :o)

But the main event of the summer months was our third trip to Wales and once again back in Snowdonia, only this time we did climb to the top of Mt Snowdon. You would think in summer that maybe, perhaps, it would be nice and sunny, not a bit of it, although for 10 minutes on the way back down the mountain the fog lifted and the sun shone and it was glorious. You can read all about this epic adventure here.

The year so far seems to have included more mountains than all my previous years put together, from Wales to Germany and back again but this wasn't the end of them as I still had the Scottish Highlands and the mighty Rocky Mountains to go!