Gas Street Basin - Small but with so many photo opportunities

Most photographers do seem to be drawn back to the same area again and again, whether it be in the city, in woodland or atop a mountain, year after year you try and catch the same views differently or find something new. For me this place is Gas Street Basin

Living in Birmingham gives me quick access to many beautiful (and not so beautiful) areas, some well known and well photographed, some not so much, Gas Street Basin falls into the former category.

You will often see someone walking around with a camera, whether it be a seasoned photographer, a tourist checking out the area or just people having a fun time in the many bars and restaurants by the waterside, it is a well seen place even by people who have never been there

But if you want the place to yourself, visit at dawn..

When the sun sets you get a different view, as the lights start to come on in the buildings as the soft sunlight changes the colours of the brickwork and water the whole area is transformed

And once the sun sets and night draws in, the whole area is lit up with a plethora of colours.

At the end of 2017 and into 2018 I was able to experience Gas Street Basin's more wintry side when heavy snowfall and then fog changed how everything looked 

And lastly, some black and white just to show the versitality of thw area. I will be returning over the course of the year and I am sure I will be taking more, look out for an area called Sherbourne Wharf, more on that very soon!