JQ Doors and Windows

In the summer of 2018 we had a trip to Malta and part of my photography thinking was to capture the beautiful doors and windows that are quite famous on the island. I wasn’t disappointed and would recommend this island (and especially the towns of Mdina & Rabat) for anyone who loves to photograph (or even sketch I suppose) doors and windows.

After reviewing the Malta shots I started thinking that perhaps there were areas closer to home in Birmingham that would be of interest where doors and windows were concerned and it was with that thought that I decided one morning to go for a stroll around the Jewellery Quarter and see what I could find. I wasn’t disappointed.

This first walk quickly resulted in further walks deeper into the JQ.  I discovered roads and alleyways I never knew existed and by going at different times of the day I found that this almost created two areas within one. Areas that were all lit up in the morning may be in total shade in the afternoon and in the middle of the day it could look different still so it is well worth varying the times in which you explore this and other areas.

As well as the Jewellery Quarter area I crossed the road and started to explore the lesser known Gun Quarter area.  This area is a lot more industrial but just as interesting; the shops and factories that make up this area offer something totally different and by doing this I was able to start finding scenes that were a variation on the classic doors and windows theme.

More walks and more discoveries. Along with a new appreciation of the beauty of garage doors, it is discovering different aspects like this that has made this project so interesting for me as I would never have considered previously that something simple like a shutter or metal door could help make such interesting photo subjects.

I have slowly started to venture into other areas of the city and I also plan on expanding on what constitutes a doors and windows photograph by incorporating people of the areas into the shots where possible. What started out as a simple holiday exercise has grown into what I hope to be an ongoing project and perhaps in years to come these shots will be viewed and used in historical context the same as many photos I see today of Birmingham in the past.