Kingswinford Poppies 2018

In 2017 the midlands went a little poppy crazy after a whole field of them "popped" (pun very much intended) near a little village called Churchill near Kinver, Staffs, many shots were taken (some you can see on a previous entry). On to 2018 and the search was on for where they would be this year, rumours started to spread about a field in Kingswinford, again not from from Kinver (I love Kinver) so I thought I would take a look.......... (please select the photos for full size)

Well my first visit turned out OK but I soon discovered I actually went to the wrong field! This being the case I was determined to return but in the meantime word came out about a field in Bewdley, Worcestershire that was just oozing with poppies, so off I went. Now considering I had been given directions and that the field was right next to where I parked, why I took a mile round trip on a very overgrown public footpath and entered the field from the back is anyone's guess. Worth it though......

But as I said, I just had to return to Kingswinford, other people seemed to be living there the amount of photos that was being shared and I was feeling a little left out, so return I did but a quick visit to the other field first

And then on to the field everyone was talking about, when I got there I was amazed by the amount of people that were there considering I was totally alone in the other field, yeah there were more poppies in this one but have to admit, I was a little underwhelmed, still, managed to get a couple of shots before I wandered off looking at the farmland and noting scenes for future visits

I just knew I could better though so I planned one more trip before the poppies became bad, bad as in "Look terrible on photos" but I wanted my original field as I knew the position of the setting sun was perfect plus the field sloped down (very important when photographing nature to note these things, if a field slopes down towards the sunset then you get better sunset light, if it slopes up, the sun sets before the light gets soft) 

This light can be used for wider shots like the above but as with most flowers I find that getting the soft light behind the delicate petals is the way to go, the last one in the list below is my favourite from the whole poppy season, hopefully next year will be even better!