Birmingham in the Snow - Winter 17/18

Ahhh snow, we don't see a lot of it in Birmingham but when we do the city is transformed. The last snowfall of any significance that I can remember was 2013 but I wasn't around to take photos then so it was with a smile on my face that in early December I took a day off work and headed to Sutton Park.

Of course the real snow was yet to come and it was beautiful! OK not to the people who couldn't get to work or home or to the shops (pub) but on the Sunday, I awoke to blizzard-like conditions and decided to get the train into town and spend a few hours snapping away, a time very well spent I feel 

The only problem was then getting home, no buses or taxis around and my train was cancelled so I had resigned to walking home (around 3 miles!) when I spotted a taxi on the other side of the road at traffic lights, running over I pretty much begged the driver to take me home and he did, he got a good tip :)

One last trip that weekend was along my favourite stratch of canal in Olton which was a frozen wonderland

That was pretty much it for December and whilst we had flurries after it wasn't until March '18 that the "Beast From The East" came and created a late winter wonderland. We got off quite lightly in The Midlands but after being sent home early on the Friday I took advantage and popped to my local train station

The below freezing temperatures lasted all that weekend and on the Sunday morning fog came in to create an beautifully eeire cityscape within Birmingham city centre. Now usually I am at work and I come home to see hundreds of amazing images of the city in fog ect but this time I was home, awake and ready to go. The Canals have never looked so peaceful