2019 - 1st Quarter - Highs and Low

Has been a very busy year so far, in my photography life as well as my personal life with many highs but a very large low (more on that later) but in January, we took a trip to Northumberland, the hope was to catch some wonderful sunrises or sunsets in the village of Amble, this didn’t happen even though every forecast up until that weekend was promising but I did what I could.

Back from Northumberland and I, for some reason decided to start a new project and shoot the city of Birmingham at night. I really enjoyed this and was able to create what I believe to be unique images of the city. Also this month I, for the first time ever, judged a physical photo competition at Solihull Photo Society. Was very nervous but loved the experience and the feedback I got was amazing, have already been booked for future judging at other societies!

Into February and this month had a more wintry feel even though the country as a whole experienced record high temperatures. Firstly, there was a day trip up to Curbar Edge, was determined to see some snow and wasn’t disappointed.

Then there was a beautiful winter morning in Birmingham where the canals around Gas Street Basin were frozen and along with the sunrise helped me to produce what I think are some of my best images yet of the area.

February was one of the busiest months I can remember, a photo meet with West Mids Photo Collective enabled me to capture some wonderful architecture shots of Birmingham but even before then on that same day I was up early to capture the sunrise on the canals around the city.

And an unusually foggy morning helped me capture some wonderful atmospheric shots of Birmingham unlike anything I have been able to capture before. Overall, I walked, in one weekend, around 20 miles, so worth it!

Among all of this was a fabulous weekend in Liverpool, first time I have ever been there and loved the city, two days were really not enough but I enjoyed every minute even if I didn’t capture too much photo wise

And still more to come in February, as well as a very successful photo talk at South Yardley Photo Society I was amazed and flattered to have had a photo commended in the Outdoor Photographer Of The Year competiton, an internationally recognised competition, where the standard of entries was out of this world.

Finally, into March and a trip to London. I was determined to use the trip to get out my zoom lens and capture the architectural details of the city and I got very lucky with the weather, had a superb time. Also this month I gave another very successful talk at Shirley Photo Society, did my first commercial shoot at The Big Peg and had a new photo exhibition start at Urban Emporiums showing my Birmingham At Night photos

Finally, I mentioned at the outset that there was one low. All of the above was done against a backdrop of my mom being very ill. Unfortunately, on March 18th she passed away, I was with her at the end and she went very peacefully. The following is to my mom:

You somehow created an artist and it makes me so happy that this became apparent whilst you were still with us. I have lived my life up to now always wanting to make you proud with everything I have done.

I will continue living my life in this way as even though you are gone, you will always be in my life. I may have discovered my talent later in my life but it was always there, waiting to come out and I will always strive to learn and improve as that is what you would have wanted and above all I will always do my best to make you proud and to make sure you never have to worry about me from wherever you are watching me from.

I miss you mom xx